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About Me


My name is Ashley Rosenbaum and I am from Rogers, AR. I graduated with my Masters in Teaching Degree on May 9th, 2015. I am certified to teach pre-kindergarten through fourth grade.


My Teaching Philosophy

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I am drawn to teaching because of my love for working with children. The positive role models I have had throughout my own education have also influenced my decision to be a teacher. The main reason I want to teach is to help children be the best version of themselves. When students leave my classroom, my goal is for them to have improved not just academically but in the social, behavioral, and emotional aspects of their lives as well. I will work towards this goal by creating a caring classroom environment, by supporting each child’s individual needs, and by constantly learning and growing as a teacher.
    • Creating a Caring Classroom Environment: To learn, students need to feel safe and loved. This goes back to meeting their basic needs as listed on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I believe that to help students be successful, the classroom needs to be set up in a way that is warm, welcoming, and comforting. This will help them feel “at home” while they are at school. The teacher also needs to help create a caring classroom family. In a classroom family environment, students are supported and encouraged by their teacher and they encourage one another. They treat each other like family and feel like they belong to this classroom family.  This kind of environment can help students feel loved, appreciated, and encouraged. This kind of environment satisfies the student’s basic need for safety, love, belonging, and a strong self-esteem. This environment also helps fulfill a student’s self-actualization needs by helping them feel safe, loved, and happy with themselves. A caring classroom environment will be created by establishing a routine, developing and reinforcing classroom rules, making sure procedures and expectations are clear, promoting positive relationships among peers, establishing a positive relationship with students, and by teaching students how to respect authority, others, and themselves. My philosophy is that this kind of environment will help students grow in an academic, social, behavioral, and emotional aspect throughout the year they are in my classroom.
    • Supporting Each Child’s Individual Needs: To effectively learn, students also need to have their individual needs supported. I plan to meet my student’s individual needs academically by basing my curriculum off of my student’s individual development and learning styles. I plan to learn about each of my student’s interests, strengths, and abilities, and then tailor my curriculum to their needs. I will use technology that is developmentally appropriate for each child, based on their specific needs, to help them be successful. I plan to use a variety of teaching methods to ensure that each student is being taught in the most effective way for them. One way I have learned about my students is through an interest survey. Click here to view a completed interest survey I gave to students at the beginning of my third grade student teaching rotation. It is also important to make sure a student’s basic psychological needs are met. This is harder to do since we can be at home with them to make sure they eat and sleep. However, we can make sure that students eat breakfast and lunch at school. Free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs can be very helpful for many students in this situation. We can provide their families with contact information for food banks and other various resources if appropriate to help meet these needs as well. Supporting each child’s individual needs in an academic, social, emotional, and behavioral sense will help them grow in all of those aspects throughout their time in my classroom.
    • Constantly Learning and Growing as a Teacher: It is vital that teachers take advantage of all the opportunities they have to learn. There are so many resources and opportunities available for professional development available to teachers. I plan to constantly be researching and learning about new ways to effectively teach all students. I strongly believe that to effectively teach my students, I must ever cease to learn. There is always going to be new experiences and new situations that I must adapt to. I plan to research, attend professional development seminars, and learn as much as I can to adapt to these situations. As a teacher, my students will have various needs and to meet those needs and help my students be successful, I think it is very important to always be learning and growing as a teacher. This is the only way to find the teaching methods that work best for each individual child and meets their academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs.

My teaching philosophy is that each student is different and my job as a teacher is to meet their diverse academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs. The best way to meet those needs is to create a caring classroom environment, support each child’s individual needs, and be constantly learning and growing as a teacher. I love working with children and I believe that if I focus on these three major points listed in this philosophy, then I will be able to help the children in my class grow in many ways throughout their time in my classroom.

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Photo Source: St. Helen Catholic School