Assessments I Created or Used Throughout Kindergarten Rotation

Rubric Based on Marzano’s Research


This is an evaluation scale that I created based off of Marzano. Students use this scale to guide their effort and performance.

The scale is as follows:

Vanilla Ice Cream Cone (1): I didn’t do what my teacher asked.

Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream Cone (2): I finished my work but I forgot several things.

Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream Cone with Sprinkles (3): I did my best. I’m proud of my work!

Triple Dip Ice Cream Cone with a Cherry on Top (4): I did more than my Teacher asked!



 This is an up-close view of the Rubric in use.

IMG_0628 IMG_0634

          These are pictures of students using the Marzano Smart Board Rubric on the Smart Board.


Assessments I Created or Used Throughout Third Grade Rotation

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Source: TeachersPayTeachers, Third Grade Bookworm

The self-assessment cards are used to assess student’s understanding of the learning target that is correlated with the Common Core standard we are focusing on during a lesson. When prompted, students hold up the card that best fits their understanding of the concept. This allows the teacher to differentiate instruction based on each student’s individual needs.

Assessments I Used in Both Rotations

Formal Assessment Sheet


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Assignment Completion Sheet


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Anecdotal Notes Sheet


The Anecdotal Notes Sheet was Used Various Times Throughout My Third Grade Student Teaching Placement


The Anecdotal Notes sheet above is an example of one completed for the “If I Were the Lorax….” Writing Activity completed during my Third Grade Student Teaching Activity.

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