Character Education Activities

In order to help students learning about the environment and the importance of giving back to the community, the group I worked with during my third grade student teaching rotation collected pop tabs from coke cans and we donated them to the Ronald McDonald House. Below, you can see the letter sent to parents regarding this activity, a picture of students counting the tabs after our collection deadline, an example of one of the greeting cards students made for the families at the Ronald McDonald House, and a picture of the guest speaker from the Ronald McDonald House talking to students about how they are helping people in need with this service project. My third graders were very passionate about this activity and watching them work hard to help others was a great example of the importance of character education activities.



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Students counted the tabs in multiples of their choice and wrote a multiplication equation. We discovered that we collected over 12,000 tabs!

card1 card2

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This is one of the cards students made for families at the Ronald McDonald House in Rogers, AR.


The students had the opportunity to listen to a representative from the Ronald McDonald talk about their mission and how the pop tabs students collected benefited families.


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As part of our activities involving serving others, students were given a Random Acts of Kindness Board. Students had to complete each random act of kindness listed on the board, write down what random act of kindness they did, and do five random acts of kindness they came up with. At the end of each day, I would come around and stamp the boxes students had completed. When the whole page was completed, students received five reward tickets. You may view a completed Random Acts of Kindness board above.

These activities allowed students to see the effect kindness has on others and they became very passionate about each of these activities. It was a great experience to watch them become so dedicated to helping others who needed it.

*Student’s faces have been blocked out for their protection.