Classroom Management Plan

Classroom Management Plan Created for My Third Grade Student Teaching Rotation 

I had the wonderful opportunity to create a classroom management plan during my third grade student teaching rotation.

 The following materials are part of the behavior management plan I created and used throughout my third grade student teaching placement. Students received a hole punch in their “good behavior punch card” if they were caught using positive behaviors, which are communicated to the students by our Reward Ticket Rules (Class Rules). Students may also lose tickets for negative behaviors. Below is an example of the class rules and the good behavior card.


 rewardticketrules                       behaviorcardcolor

*You may click on the Reward Ticket Rules to Make it Larger*


On Fridays, students are able to exchange the amount of hole punches they were give that week for reward tickets. For example, if they received two hole punches, they receive two reward tickets. Below is an example of the reward tickets students receive.


Students are then able to spend those tickets are coupons that allow them to do special activities like wear slippers in the classroom or have extra time on the iPad. The reward coupon menu and examples of the reward coupons can be viewed below.


   couponmenu rewardticketexamples


The Classroom Bingo behavior management system is for the whole class.




When students earn all the stars on the “Too Noisy” app because they are working quietly, then I will draw a Bingo card from a bucket and put it on the board. Students can also receive Bingos for exhibiting any positive behavior on our Class Rules page. When the class gets a Bingo, a dice with different prizes written on it is rolled and that will be the class prize for getting a bingo.

If there are any problems with negative behaviors, which are indicated by not following our classroom rules, students will fill out a think sheet. This gives students an opportunity to reflect on their choices and this must be signed by them and their parents.



Plan for Communicating with Parents

Classroom Management Plan Created During My Graduate Studies


“The First Days of School: How to Be An Effective Teacher” by Harry K. Wong taught me the importance of establishing a routine and a safe, comfortable environment for your students based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is pictured below. These needs must be met for a student to learn successfully.


This classroom management plan is based on many of Wong’s ideas and includes my philosophy of classroom/behavior management that addresses the needs of students as identified by Maslow, a physical diagram of a room that shows furniture and best fits the needs of students, a daily schedule, procedures for transitions, procedures for homework, procedures for materials distribution and collection, plans for grouping, a completed lesson plan for one week, a plan for effective time management with clear and specific details, a list of classroom rules and procedures with school rules included, consequences for positive and negative behaviors, and a plan for the use of aides, support staff, volunteers, and substitutes. This classroom management plan allowed me to design an organized and useful plan that will meet my student’s needs, make them feel safe and loved, and help them learn and be successful.

To view my Classroom Management Plan written during my Graduate Studies, click here.




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