Additional Work Examples

Cultural Analysis of Tillery Elementary School 

During my master’s work, I learned how cultural characteristics affect teachers, schools, school districts, and communities. This assignment shows my ability to identify appropriate data sources  that lead to my understanding of the culture of the school, the school district, and the community they serve. This analysis also shows my ability to interpret this data that I collected. This cultural analysis allowed me to provide a coherent and cohesive analysis of Tillery Elementary and the complex components that define its culture. This assignment provided me with the tools I need to gather and interpret data concerning a the culture of a school, school district, and the community the school serves.

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Children with Exceptionalities Case Study Analysis

This case study required me to look closely at a particular child and identify and describe their characteristics in a way that is instructionally relevant. This helped me learn how to better understand the way an individual learner appears to process information, attribute meaning to sensory stimuli, use language, and function in academic learning and social environments. This assignment also allowed me to learn how to use this information to plan instruction that fits this student’s specific needs. One of the largest lessons I learned from this assignment is how to take results provided by the assessments administered to a child and use it to effectively impact a student’s learning by fitting instruction to their needs. The rubric used to assess my performance with the scores included can be viewed here: Case Study Rubric.

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Action Research Proposal

“Action research is a fancy way of saying let’s study whats’ happening at our school and decide how to make it a better place.” Emily Calhoun

This action research proposal allowed me to understand how to properly define, design, and research an education problem in a classroom setting. The topic for my action research proposal was to look at the effects of an interest-based curriculum on student achievement. Although I was not able to do an original action research study due to time and resource constraints , I was able to thoroughly study how an action research study is conducted and come up with a plan for how to conduct one of my own.  I learned how to present related studies, describe the subjects, explain how data will be collected from the school setting, how to analyze the data, and present the data collection tool and the analysis procedure to be used. I will be able to use this knowledge to conduct an action research study in the future.

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 Marzano’s Instructional Strategies E-Portfolio Assignment

This assignment includes Marzano’s nine research-based instructional strategies. The cover page of each section state the purpose or definition of each strategy. Within each section, at least five different pictorial/visual examples that support each instructional strategy are included to give examples of how each strategy can be used in the classroom. The rubric used to assess my performance with the scores included can be viewed here: E-Portfolio Assignment Rubric.

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Legal Simulation Project

This assignment required me to use my knowledge of educational laws and practices to analyze a fictional case involving a challenge that the school board and a parent have made to have a book banned. This review includes a review of past law on this subject matter, a policy draft that includes the current policy on banned books and a revision of the current policy, letters and memos to and from various people, a question and answer section, and a visual aids section that enhances comprehension of the situation taking place. This legal simulation allowed me to demonstrate application of knowledge of federal and state constitutional, statutory, and regulatory provisions and judicial decisions governing education by assuming an advisory role to a school or school district. I will be able to use this knowledge as an educator in the future. The rubric used to assess my performance with the scores included can be viewed here: Legal Simulation Project rubric.

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Child Development “The Importance of Family Involvement in a Child’s Education”

This research paper discusses how important it is for a child’s family to be involved in their education and the benefits of that involvement. This paper also suggest ways to help get families involved in a child’s education.

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